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bigRuby Nail Tattoos- Review and Photos

I was lucky enough to receive these amazing nail tattoos from Lauren over at bigRuby who kindly sent them for review. This is my first time to try anything like this, but as soon as I heard about them, I was dying to try it!

bigRuby is a company that creates tattoos designed for easy manicures and pedicures. Each set comes with 10 different designs and a total of 86 tattoos for only $12.00 a set. The tattoos come in different sizes to guarantee a fit for your nail size. I was sent over a few samples including the Sea Creature and Mod design sets which I mixed together to get this manicure:

(Base color is Wet n' Wild Shiver and the glitter layered on top is Constance Carroll Glitzy Aqua Sparkle)

These tattoos were super, duper easy to use. Easier than stamping and way easier than free-hand nail art, in my opinion. All you do is cut out the design you want, remove the plastic overlay, apply it to your nail, then hold a damp towel over it for about 5-10 seconds. Once you're done, seal it with a top coat.

My first thoughts about these were that they would transfer onto the nails as a sheer color. But I was so wrong! Instead, they are much more opaque once on the nails than on the sheet. The design comes out exactly as you see it.

These tattoos are quickly becoming my favorite form of nail art. They are quick and easy to use, affordable, and super cute! I really have nothing but good to say about this product and I definitely recommend checking out bigRuby's website.

This product was sent to me for review


  1. Soo cute :)

    I think I have to get some too :D

  2. @Riikka I highly recommend them! They are absolutely amazing.

  3. They transferred so nicely!

  4. Yup, amazingly easy. Never knew there were ones specifically for nails though!

  5. this is too cute
    new GFC follower
    referred by your purge buddy Lucid Bubble

  6. @peripatetic33 I'm glad you like it and decided to follow my blog!

  7. This looks so cute! I love sea-themed nails. :)


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