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Gradient-Crackle Nails

I know many of you are sick of crackle or don't care for it, and then some of you love it--like me!

Here's a fun manicure I created in just a matter of minutes. I started off with gradient nails of turquoise into lime green into yellow. I wanted to make sure it was interesting so every color is a different finish.

I painted all the colors on like normal (no sponging) since I knew the crackle would conceal obvious transition to the next color.

For this manicure I used...
Rimmel London Green With Envy- A turquoise shimmer. I used this as the color closest to my cuticles.
Nicole by OPI Make Mine Lime- A glittery lime green foil. I used this as the color in the middle of the gradient.
Zoya Kelly Creamy- A bright yellow cream. I used this on the tips of my nails.
China Glaze Lightning Bolt- This was layered over the gradient to have this cool crackle effect. It was a little more watery than Crushed Candy, but it did crack much better.

These colors could not have worked better together. I think gradients might be my favorite way to wear crackle.


  1. This is so cute! I want some different colors of crackle... I only have black.

    Also, Kelly is grey... Do you mean Pippa? Or Creamy? Lol

  2. I meant to point out the same thing as Amber, I'm pretty sure Zoya Kelly is a blue/purple-toned grey :)

  3. Such an awesome idea!! Might have to just test out gradients with crackle polishes myself (:

  4. Thank you all for catching my mistake! It's been fixed. (:

  5. oh wow that is so pretty :) I love the gradient I may have to try that!

  6. @Amber I'm glad you like it! And yes, you have to try it! (:

  7. Your nails look really fun! That's so cute!

  8. Hey, I have been lurking through blogs and I found yours
    Your mani gradient is similar to my post (: -I attempted a gradient without sponging.

    I love your mani -good job!


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