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Zoya Richelle- Swatches+Review

I'm one of those people who like to get the longest wear out of their manicure. I normally go for at least five or six days with no chips before I change out my manicure. 
I guess you could say I like a different mani every week. 

Well I was getting bored of my last manicure, so I gave my nails a fresh new polish and some simple nail art. 

Zoya Richelle is a gorgeous, bronze, antique gold. It has a nice metallic finish and a little bit of that "metal" look. 

This polish applied so smooth, almost like butter. 
It's true to color, the color you see in the bottle is what you see on your nails. 
It dried in about 10 minutes and the "nail polish" smell was barely there.  
Richelle is so opaque, in this picture below, I only applied one coat. But to get the strongest color, two coats was plenty. 

I thought I'd spice it up a little bit so I added stripes and dots. Unfortunately, I'm not that creative. I copied this nail art idea from Deez Nails who copied it from Dees Polish who copied it from a gorgeous manicure.

For this look, I used...

Zoya Richelle- bronze antique gold with a metallic metal finish.
Art Deco White- true white
Art Deco Black- true black

As much as I am loving this manicure. I'm taking a break from Art Deco. I feel like I use them for every manicure I do.


  1. Beautiful work! I love this color. Your designs are a nice touch to it!!


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