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Nail Polish Tag

I came across this tag on one of my favorite blogs and I had no choice but to do it. I changed it up a bit, just...'cause.

If you are a nail polish fanatic, you'll understand why these tags are so hard to pass up.

Let's get into it, shall we...?

How many polishes do you have in your stash?
As of right now, I have 65. I'll be adding to that soon though. I just can't control myself. My goal is to have at least 100 by June or July of this year.

Which brand do you own the most of?
Revlon and then would be  Nicole by OPI. I'm a sucker for Nicole by OPI's collections!

What colors do you own the most of?
Definitely reds and pinks. Dark, light, in between.

Do you have a color/texture you do not own?
Of course! I have so many that I don't own. I don't own any mattes and I have only one duo-chrome. I also don't have any holographic finishes.

Whats the one polish you always pick up to lift your spirits?
Anything with glitter. Whether it's chunky or subtle. I need some glitter when my life starts to get dull.

What is the nail polish you wear most frequently?
Rimmel's Green With Envy. I got it three years ago and I've worn it at least ten times since. I just love how bright it is!

What polish do you keep looking at and wondering why you haven't gotten rid of
it yet?

I have three heart-shaped nail polishes I got back when I was around 8 years old. I got them as a gift from my uncle--who I have lost touch with--and never had the guts to throw them out. I never wear them, but I just can't do it.

Stamping vs. Freehand?
Freehand. I love doing nail designs and nail art on my own. It makes me feel so accomplished.

Do you consider your nails naked if they don't have nail polish on?
Yes. I feel so naked with no nail polish on. I'm so weird about this. I feel embarrassed if my nails are polish-less. It's just a strange feeling that I can't explain.

Favorite plate/tool/technique?
I don't have any special plates or tools. But I do love the gradient nail technique. I successfully did this not too long ago. Ombre nails are just gorgeous!

What is your biggest nail pet peeve?
For some reason, it drives me crazy when people do not remove their chipped nail polish. They leave it on for weeks until it goes away on it's own. It just really bothers me...

What is number one on your nail polish wish list?
Orly's Space Cadet. I have been wanting this for months and will cry if I never get my hands on it.

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